This Garrison information is posted to give possible leads to help bring this Garrison line together.
Like all other information you find, it needs to be verified. I have tried to make a connectin for a long time and have had some good leads that dispute my connections.My husband constantly reminds me how hard I am to satisfy, so till I can find some documents that prove a positive link. My search continues.
As I stated, it is merely to give leads to help in researching this Garrison family.

Source History of Hendricks County
Joel Garrison Family

Joel Garrison 1 was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on February 9, 1760. He came to America with his parents at an early age, and the family settled in Cumberland County, New Jersey. Joel enlisted in the Continential Army in 1776 at the age of 16 and served one year as a drummer in Captain Joseph Bloomfield 's Company, 3rd New Jersey Regiment, after which he became an infantry soldier for the remainder of the Revolutionary War. He saw much combat, including the battle of Monmouth.
Joel Garrison 1 married Sarah White in Cumberland County, New Jersey, in 1780. Sarah Garrison died in 1796. There children were: Sarah, Jeremiah, John, Phoebe, David and William.
Joel Garrison 1 was married a second time to Christeny (last name not known), who was born in Germany in 1762 and came to Cumberland County when she was 12. Joel and Christeny Garrison were the parents of a son, Josiah. They resided in Cumberland County until 1816 when they migrated to Franklin County, Indiana, along with several of Joel 's children by his previous marriage. After the death of Christeny Garrison on December 31 1831, Joel moved to Hendricks County, Indiana, in 1832 to live with his son, Josiah.
Joel Garrison 1 died on March 5 1835, at Stilesville, and was buried in Stilesville Cemetery.
According to the 1914 Hendricks County History, another of Joel Garrison 's sons, Jeremiah, married Rebecca Shaw in New Jersey on January 24 1826, and they migrated to Hendricks County, Indiana, in the early 1830 's.
Jeremiah Garrison was a shoemaker. He was married three times:
1. Jeremiah and Phoebe Witt Garrison had three children: Phoebe, Edward and Jane.
2. Jeremiah and Ruth Erskine Garrison had three children: Archibald, Mary J and Sallie.
3. Jeremiah and Rebecca Shaw Garrison had nine children: Ann, Eleanor, Amanda, Rebecca, Joseph, Charles W, Francis, Eliza and Joel - all born in Hendricks and Putnam Counties, Indiana.
Ann Garrison married Thomas B Borders; Eleanor died in childhood; Amanda married James Vermillion and after his death, William Alley; Rebecca never married; Joseph married Susan Zearing; Charles W married Jenish Wilcox; Francis married Josie Layton, and Eliza married Jesse Brazer.
Jeremiah Garrison died on June 5 1857; his third wife, Rebecca, died on October 15, 1847.
Their youngest child, Joel B Garrison II, attended common schools at Stilesville for a few years. When he was 18, he enlisted in Company B, 59th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and served from February 25 1864 to July 7 1865.
When Joel II returned home from the Civil War he became a blacksmith -- a trade he followed for 35 years, until he purchased a farm in Hendricks County and turned to farming. He was a Mason and a member of the Stilesville Baptist Church.
Joel Garrison II married Amanda Bryant, the daughter of Silas and Matilda McCormack Bryant of Hendricks County, on January 19 1869. They had four children:
Flora Alice married Elmer Fuson. They had two children: Winifred and Wendall.
Rossie married Osro Hadley. They had one child: Ethelyn.
Don A Garrison married Bernice Owen. They had one child: Helen Lucille.
Elsie married O Harper.
Amanda Bryant Garrison 's father, Silas Bryant, was -- according to the 1914 history -- the first white child born in Hendricks County. He died in 1899; his wife died in 1913.
In addition to Amanda Garrison, Silas and Matilda Bryant had eight other children -- all born in Hendricks County. They were:
Lucy, who married Martin Sims; John, who married Ruth Sharp; Nancy, who married a Mr Balldock; Clemetine, who never married; Albert, who never married, and Woodford, who married Mary Clark.

This is the same Joel Garrison

A Roster Of Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution
Hendricks County 
GARRISON,JOEL, b 9 Feb 1760 Cumberland County,New Jersey. d 4 March 1835., Buried Stilesville Cemetery. Stone m # (1) 1780 Cumberland Co.,N J., SARAH WHITE, b Cumberland Co N J., d 20 Jan 1796, Cumberland Co N J. M #(2) Christine______
SARAH b 21 Apr 1782 d 29 July 1829 m ABRAHAM ROSE 
JOHN b 22 Feb 1787 d 2 Mar 1787
WILLIAM & DAVID (twins) b 9 May 1788 d 12 May 1788 
PHOEBE b 9 Sep 1790 d 27 Sep 1810
JEREMIAH b 10 Jan 1785 d 25 June 1857 
Ch.(by_ m #2): JOSIAH b 1803 d 29 Jan 1897 m ABIAH BOSLEY 
Service: Enl. Cumberland Co N J., 1 yr as drummer in Capt. Joseph Bloomfield Co., Col Dayton 3rd N J Regt. Re-enl. 1778 as Pvt in Capt Patterson Co., Col Dayton 3rd Regt In Battle of Monmouth. Dschg after 9 mo. Later svd 6 mos in N J Militia, Capt Garison.
Ref: O B I:154, II:120, PI:261 Pens Claim #s.32261; Egan V.1:233 D A R # 561414

I have always had my doubts about JOEL being the father of DAVID ISAAC m NANCY TENNISON. I have 4 copies from different sources that give the identical report for JOEL with the exception of one that says JOEL was born in Edinburgh Scotland. A copy of JOEL's pension papers varify he was born in Cumberland Co N J on the date above.The only mention of names was Alexander Rose was a witness for Joel 's pension application.Maybe Joel's father came from Scotland.
As I was typing this information in my doubts are now stronger. I have wondered WHY 2 sons named DAVID ? But it never came to my attention till now that the Children by m # 1 Sarah White were all born after the death of their mother. The dates of death and birth for all above are the same in 4 different sources.Does that mean that m#2 Christeny is the mother of all the children listed ?
I know everything published is not always 100 % but would love to know where the DAR researchers found their information. It would be wounderfull to solve this mystory that has troubled me for the past four years.
DAVID ISAAC GARRISON according to the census and a biographical sketch for JOSEPH HAMILTON GARRISON a son of DAVID ISAAC;
DAVID ISAAC was born in Ohio
Question, who are the parents of DAVID ISAAC GARRISON m NANCY TENNISON lived in Spencer then Warrick Counties in Indiana ?
In everything I have found, census records, church records,toombstone readings, he is listed as ISSAC GARRISON
Question # 2, Does anyone know or have anything showing if his name is actually DAVID or just ISAAC ?

Update Update 2007
Joel Garrison IS NOT the father of Isaac Garrison of Warrick County. Isaac "David" Garrison is the son of Abraham Garrison