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Tennyson In Ashes

Boonville Enquirer
Tennyson In Ashes -July 23 1926
Friday Fire almost totally destroyed the business section of Tennyson, 10 miles east of Boonville, shortly after noon Monday,with a loss estimated at $60,000, with only a Small part covered by insurance. The conflagration started from an unknown cause in the Josiah McClary produce house and spread rapidly over the Entire business section of the town,destroying thirteen Frame business houses and six residences with their contents. Only three buildings, those of J C Polk, the Tennyson National Bank and W.J. Wright & Son remained standing after the fire had been brought under control. But for the heroism of Mrs Iva Spradley, telephone operator, the entire town would have been wiped out and several residents might have lost their lives, fireman said. Mrs Spradley stayed at her post spreading the alarm among her townspeople until one side of the building in which the exchange is located had been burned away. When the heat became so intense that she could no longer remain at the switchboard, she seized a portable telephone set and ran from the building. She immediately reestablished communication with the outside world by connecting the telephone to a long distance wire two blocks away. It was she who summoned fireman from Evansville and Huntingburg. In answer to calls for help an Evansville fire truck arrived at 2:29 o'clock and the Huntingburg department five minutes later. Lines of hose from wells and ponds soon played on the fire and the town was saved. Losses Itemized The buildings burned were: Scott Hesson -Grocery loss $ 7,000 Odd Fellows Building occupied by Hoskinson & Sparks Grocery loss $5,000 Andrew Shoptaugh residence loss $700 Rufus McClary -General Store loss $ 8,000 Livery Stable owned by Norman Hoskinson loss $1,000 Josiah McClary -Produce house loss $1,000 Randall Eastham -Barber Shop loss $800 Wm Kimbrough -Grocery with Post Office loss $3,500 Galen White -Jewlery Store loss $1,000 Lester Brown-residence loss $400 Frank Phillips-Hardware Store loss $6,000 Wm Kimbrough residence loss $3,500 Wm Broshears -Produce House loss $500 Wm Hunt -Bakery loss $4,000 Charles Spradley-Restaurant loss $2,000 Walter Hull -Barber Shop loss $400 Tobe Hoskins-dwelling loss $1,000 Mrs Mary Perigo-dwelling loss $1,000 S L Hesson -residence loss $3,000

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