I had originally thought this Picture was taken around late 1950 to early 1960 at the L & N Railroad Roundhouse at Howell Yards in Evansville, Indiana
But after looking over some family pictures in 1953-1954, I now beleive the picture was taken much earlier. Possibly around 1945 - 50's.
If you can identify anyone, Please contact Susie at

From: Terrie_R_Mathis@email.whirlpool.com Monday, October 22, 2001 2:18
Hi, I was doing a search on Howell Yards when I saw your picture. I'm not sure, but I think that my dad is in the picture. The tallest person on the back row looks like him. Do you know any of the other names? I was raised in Howell and my father (Bert "Stoney" Stonecipher) was an engineer on the L & N Railroad - Howell to St. Louis.
Thanks, Terrie Stonecipher Mathis
Terrie, I tried to respond to your email, but it bounced back. I will leave this post for awhile and maybe you will see it. I have no idea who the other men in the picture are other than Bert Morris who was also called "Shorty" by his co-workers. I think he went to work for L&N around 1945-46 . I don't know when the photo was taken.