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Listed in no particular order

John T Broshears

Ora Q Dorsey

Mamye E Dorsey

Agnes Black

Clarence Bryan

Edith Lampkin Bryan

John W Garrison

Mrs Nettie Watson

Mrs Mary Swaney

Alva Black

Edward N Morris

Minnie Mae Morris

Wiley Black

Nelson Black

William H Garrison

Martha Garrison

Eliza J Willis Black Garrison

John P Garrison obit #1 & John P Garrison obit # 2

Andrew J Garrison

Elmer F Cain

Andrew Jackson Swaney

Samuel Garrison

Sarah Ellen Leslie

John Leslie

Garrison Family Reunion

This is a listing of other Obituary's I have. If you would like a copy and it's not a link yet, I would be happy to email it to you.

Nancy Bell Clark Charles N Clark Jr Mrs Alice Neil
Helen Hunt Annizene Howard James Tennyson
Ruth Bryant Donald Sanford Robert Lee Sanford
Raymond Sanford Jr Miss Mamie Garrison Mrs Hanna E Ambrose
James Newton Garrison James E Phillips Mrs Sarah F Bryan
Robert R Lampkin Orville W Bryan John Lampkin Jr
Mrs Mamie Janie Lampkin Helen Bryan Clarence Bryan
Mrs Pearl Baker William J Bryan Charles Bryan
Mrs Polina J Hunt Garnett E Hunt Mrs Mary E(I) Clark
Mrs Otto Nester Mrs Emily McNeely Harry & Myrtle (Hunt) McClarey
Marvin Easler Mrs Mary J Garrison Emma Bass
Mary H Willis Mrs Josie Garrison Oscar H Garrison
Rev. Walter M Willis Johnnie Garrison Artur H Garrison
Oliedline Ollie Tennyson Roy Garrison Herman Black
Mrs Shirley Wooley Orgle Clark James McClarney
Edward Willis Rose M Whitney Mrs Mary Rebecca Clark
Herman Otto Ambrose Mrs Ellen Garrison Garland Lee Taylor
Mae L Hunt Virginia Lutz Mrs Ida May Black
John Henry Garrison

William Black ; Oatley Fleeger ; Iva Lannan ; Cornellia Rotan Willis Gibbons ; Henry Hart ; Steven Garrison ; Stella Hunt ; Mrs Ethel Stutz ; Danny Blesch ; Edward Dykes ; Robert Rundell ; William Rundell ; Tena Woodward ; Ruby Watson ; Porter McDaniel ; Bonnie Keen ; Donald Youngblood

I also have a newspaper copy of the following articles

1926 Tennyson fire

1926 Iva Spradley, fire heroine

1935 Garrison family has picnic

1935 Leonard Fetter family Reunion

Civil War Poem written by W H Hutchinson of Newburgh in 1861 before he left for the Civil War