Some Pike County Marriages before 1850

Last Name,Bride/Groom First Name,Bride/Groom Last Name,Spouse First Name,Spouse County Date
Willis Alfred Robling Dorothe Pike 03-11-1845
Willis Betsey Ann Martin William Pike 11-17-1844
Willis Cynthia Dillon Hezekiah Pike 08-19-1842
Willis George Johnson Elizabeth Pike 12-10-1833
Willis George Knight Harriet Pike 07-26-1849
Willis Hannah Trayler David Pike 03-15-1843
Willis Hazel Fowler Sarah Ann Pike 09-29-1841
Willis Jackson Loveless Mahala Pike 04-01-1849
Willis Jasper Dean Sarah Ellen Pike 03-22-1846
Willis Jessee Fowler Mary Elizabeth Pike 06-17-1842
Willis John Henry Marble Ellenor Pike 12-25-1846
Willis Jonathan Hays Rebekah Pike 12-28-1848
Willis Maragaret Robling Lewis Pike 01-21-1846
Willis Maxwell Fowler Nancy Pike 10-22-1839
Willis Nancy Fowler James Jr Pike 12-30-1841
Willis Thomas Loveless Elizabeth Pike 07-27-1848
Willis Vinson Miller Polly Pike 01-24-1846

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