Husbands Full Name Isaiah Hunt Jr
His Data Date City,Town,Pace County,Province State,Country
Birth Mar.31-1848
Marriage Feb.25-1867
Death Dec.28-1923 Naylorsville Missouri
His Father Elijah Isaiah Hunt His Mother Elizabeth Wright

Wifes Full Name Martha Dimmet
Her Data Date City,Town,Place County State,Country
Birth Mar.26-1848
Death Mar.11-1919
Her Father John Dimmet Her Mother Elizabeth Walker

Their Children

William S Hunt (b) July 3-1868
John E Hunt (b) Sep.29-1869
Thomas J Hunt (b) Aug.14-1872
Addie Hunt
Francis Marion Hunt (b) Sep.5-1875
Milton Paris Hunt (b) Sep.5-1875
Rufas A Hunt (b) Jan.18-1878
Gurley S Hunt (b) Mar. 1880
Charles A Hunt (b) Feb.28-1883

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