Abstracts of the Records of the Society of Friends in Indiana

Part Two

Edited by ;Willard Heiss
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part two book two

book page 17
New Garden
Anna      b 1-10-1814

Barnabas        b  12-22-1798
Hannah          b   2- 4-1801
  Ch: Pleasant  b   3-15-1820 
      William   b   7-22-1822
      Lewis     b   7- 6-1826             

Charles  b 8-25-1871 Wayne Co,Ind -s John & Emily
Jessee   b 12-7-1874 Wayne Co,Ind -dt Joshua & Martha
           Chenoweth m 10-14-183 Wayne Co,Ind
   Ch: Verlin   b 8-24-1894
       Herbert  b 1-10-1900
 Elma Annis  b 3-15-1855 (form Cammack)
    Ch: Everetta M   b 6-23-1874

Emmer G  b 4-19-1863 Wayne Co,Ind -s Miles &
          Gulia E  d 7-9-1919  bur Fountain City
Emma G   b  8-12-1863 Preble Co,O -dt Henry R & 
           Deborah Gifford m 2-10-1887,Wayne Co,Ind

Frank M   b 1840
Lydia Ann (Harris)  b 1-9-1836  d 2-4-1900   bur
                Fountain City

Isaac Purviance  b 8-15-1853 Wayne Co,Ind -s Harlan
                     & Mable
Alice W  b 7-14-1866  Wayne Co,Ind -dt Luke & Elvira 
                  Woodward m 7-7-1904 Wayne, co Ind

Miriam   b 4-24-1775  her 3rd h John Clayton
   Ch: Miriam b 11-10-1816

Jonathan  d 2-24-1878 bur Earlham
Margaret  d 1872

Nathan  b 8-11-1874 Randolph County,Ind -s William
           & Milly (Parker)
Sarah Shores
Ch: Milly Edna  b 1-29-1895 Randolph Co,Ind
    Marvin      b 8-18-1901 Randolph Co,Ind
Maud  b 12-18-1879 Wayne Co,Ind 2nd w of Nathan
      -dt Valentine & Edna Draber m 8-11-1906,
        Randolph Co,Ind

Rebecca  b 2-24-1813

William  b 7-22-1822
Edith D  b 3-17-1820
 Ch: Jessee Lewis  b 2-9-1847 d 9-16-1847 bur
        Randolph Co,Ind
Milley  b 12-28-1835, 2nd w Wm d 6-3-1893 bur Arba
  Ch:  Nathan B  b 8-11-1874
       Edgar     b 10-29-1877 d 3-10-1879 bur Arba
       Edah Jane  b 9-18-1879

William  b 4-6-1845
Catharine  b 2-6-1843
  Ch: Daniel S b 1-28-1867

New Garden
book page 60 8-24-1816 Ira rocf Clear Creek MM,O 8-23-1817 John & s Nathan,rocf Newberry MM,O and fr Whitewater 7-26-1817 8-23-1817 Rachel & dt Rachel & Anna rocf Newberry MM,O 5-18-1818 Ira rpt for dr & upl 6-20-1818 Ira con his dr & upl 8-27-1818 Anna, dt John & Rachel, Wayne Co,Ind, m Ornan Bond, at New Garden MH 10-24-1818 Jonathan & s John & Jessee, rocf Clear Creek MM,O 10-24-1818 Phebe & dt Margaret,Hulda,Phebe, Elizabeth,Rachel,Mary & Beulah rocf Clear Creek MM,O 11-21-1818 John & fam gct West Grove MM 6-19-1819 Barnabas rocf Clear Creek MM,O 6-19-1819 Hannah rocf Clear Creek MM,O 12-18-1819 Margaret Grey (form Hunt) mou 7-15-1820 Ira dis for producing receipt against a note unjustly 3-16-1822 John rpt upl 11-15-1823 Jonathan & fam gct Milford MM 12-20-1823 John chm 9-17-1825 John gct Milford MM 2-20-1830 Mary dis for na 4- 2-1830 Mary con her na 4-17-1830 Mary rst 8-21-1830 Mariam Clayton & dt,Mariam Hunt, rocf New Garden MM,NC 11-20-1830 Sarah rocf MM in NC 8-20-1831 Rebecca rec by rq 10-15-1831 Anna rec in mbrp fr Dover PM
New Garden
book page 61 2-18-1832 Mary & ch, Allen,Andy,Jane, & Strafford gct Newberry MM,O 8-22-1832 Rebecca, dt of Uria & Rebecca, Delaware Co,Ind m William Comer at Dover MH 10-20-1832 Cert ret for Mary fr Newberry O, gr 2mo 1832 4-20-1833 Allen, minor, gct Duck Creek MM 5-17-1834 Sarah gct Duck Creek MM 7-22-1835 Miriam, dt of Isiah ,dec, & Miriam, m Thomas Woodward at Newport MH 7-16-1836 Mary rpt out of unity & na by Newport PM 9-17-1836 Mary dis for disunity with Friends & na 2-18-1837 Anda dis for na,dp, rpt by Newport 12-17-1835 3-18-1837 Jane rec by rq 1-20-1838 Jane rpt for na & dp by Newport PM 3-17-1838 Jane dis for na & dp 7-21-1838 William Peacock & w Phoebe,& ch, Hannah, Josiah & Ann, & Strafford Hunt, a minor, gct Dover MM 2-20-1841 Pleasant gct Clear Creek MM,O to m Ann Williams 6-9-1841 Ann rocf Clear Creek MM,O 1-21-1843 William, s of Barnabas & Hannah, Wayne Co,Ind, m Edah D Fulghum at Arba MH 9-16-1843 Barnabas dis for setting up meetings contrary to disipline 3-16-1844 Pleasant dis for J Seperatists 4-20-1844 Ann dis for na & j Seperatists 1-15-1848 William & w, Edah, gct Poplar Run MM 8-17-1850 Sarah (form Fellow) rpt jas & mcd by Arba PM 8-17-1850 Sarah (form Fellow) dis for mcd & jas 5-20-1854 Abigail & Hannah, minor ch of Pleasant, gct Poplar Run MM 7-21-1855 Poplar Run MM was given permission to rst Sarah 7-18-1857 Poplar Run MM was given permission to rec Barnabas in mbrp 1-20-1860 Lydia Ann (form Harris) dis for mcd 8-20-1864 Pleasant & w, Sarah,& ch, Hannah, William W, Lewis, Joseph C, John F, Nathan O, Rachel E, & Eunice Ann rocf Poplar Run MM 12-17-1864 Cert of m for Darius Bond & Hannah Hunt 11-18-1865 William rpt mcd by Arba PM, mbrp ret 8-22-1866 Pleasant, w, Sarah, & fam gct Poplar Run MM 1-19-1867 Catherine rec by req 8-17-1867 Mahlon Thomas gct Newberry MM to m Emma Hunt 6-19-1669 Mahlon Thomas gct Newberry Mj with careless 6-19-1869 William W & fam gct Poplar Run MM 4-16-1870 Elihu rocf Chester MM 4-16-1870 Jonathan, & w, Margaret, & s, Albert, rocf Newerry MM,O 10-21-1871 Elihu dis for reproachful conduct 11-16-1872 Nathan C & w, Martha Ann, rocf Dover MM 4-19-1873 William rocf Poplar Run MM 9-20-1873 William gct Springfield MM to m Milly Parker 1-17-1874 Milly rocf Springfield MM 12-19-1874 Albert rel by rq 4-21-1877 Martha Ann & ch gct Dover M 6-21-1879 John rec by rq 6-21-1879 Lydia Ann rec by rq 3-18-1882 Martha A Love & ch, Leonora Hunt, rocf Dover MM 1-17-1885 Lewis & w, Rhoda L & ch, Ida Eldora, Robbie Benjamin & Cora Elizabeth, rocf Poplar Run MM 7-18-1885 Lewis & w Rhoda, & ch, Ida Eldora, Robbie Benjamine, & Cora Elizabeth gct Whitewater MM 5-21-1892 Pervines rolf M E Ch, Spartansburg 5-21-1892 Earnest, s of Pervines, rec in mbrp 12-21-1895 Lizzie & s, Eldon, rocf Pleasant Veiw MM,Neb. 8-16-1896 Lizzie & ch, Eldon, gct Muncie MM 2-20-1897 Emily C rec by rq 1-15-1898 Everett rel by rq 2-19-1898 Emmory rocf Dover MM 2-19-1898 Emma Gifford rolf M E Ch, Fountain City 1-21-1899 Francis M rec by rq 9-19-1903 Edah gct Whitewater MM, Richmond 2-18-1905 Charles & Verling rec in mbrp 11-18-1905 Alice woodard rocf Springfield MM 3-16-1907 Edna gct Whitewater MM 2-20-1909 Clyde & Olive rec in mbrp 9-17-1910 Earnie drpd fr mbrp 2-18-1911 Gifford rec in mbrp 2-18-1911 Maud rec in mbrp 3-18-1911 Edna Willis rocf West Richmond MM 9-20-1913 Charles A & w, Jessie, & ch, J Verlin & Hubert E, gct Whitewater MM 9-19-1914 Edna gct West Richmond MM 4-15-1916 Gifford H gct M E Ch,Connersville 4-15-1916 Clyde R glt Lutheran Ch, Richmond book page 103 Newport (anti-slavery) 2-18-1843 Pleasant to attend QM 2-18-1843 Barnabas appt to comm to have care of Education & school 1-20-1844 Pleasant apt overseer at Dover PM in room Elisha Hampton 1-15-1848 Pleasant & fam gct Cabin Creek MM 2-19-1848 Barnabas gct Cabin Creek MM book page 126 Springfield Jesse Mournin, w d 1-30-1866 Ch: Phanuel b 1-27-1819 Rebecca b 1-4-1822 Daniel b 9-19-1824 William b 11-11-1826 (Records New Garden MM, NC, VolI, p 6 give Phanuel b 1-18-1817 Mary b 1-27-1819) Phanuel b 1-18-1817 Eleanor, w b 1-23-1821 Ch: Emily Ann b 12-3-1842 Elmarinda b 6-15-1844 Sarah Jane b 6-26-1846 Henry Clinton b 2-20-1848 Purviance Alice J, w b 7-14-1866 -dt Luke & Elvira (Townsend) Woodard m 7-7-1904 Wayne Co. Thomas b 12-2-1797 Lydia, w b 7-1-1797 d 8-16-1840 Ch: Sarah b 11-3-1819 Uriah W b 8-20-1821 Pheriba b 9-18-1823 Susannah b 11-16-1825 Elizabeth b 2-20-1829 Rebecca b 2-26-1831 Henry b 7-13-1833 d 7-28-1834 bur West River Ruth b 6-30-1836 Bronson D b 1-30-1836 Mary,2nd w b 4-1-1802 book page 161 Springfield 3-17-1832 Thomas & fam ( s Uriah) rocf West Grove MM 3-17-1832 Johanthan, Phanuel, & William, ch of Mourning, rocf West Grove MM 6-21-1832 Elizabeth, dt Jessee & Mournon of Wayne Co, m John Thornburg at West River mgt 2-15-1834 Jonathan gct Chester MM 3-21-1840 Phanuel rpt for dp, na, att mcd & upl by West River PM chm 5-20-1840 11-20-1841 Thomas rpt to m Mary Reynolds 1-15-1842 Sarah Jane dis for unchastity 6-18-1842 Phanuel rpt mcd chm 7-16-1842 8-15-1846 Susanna Shields (form Hunt) rpt mcd chm 9-19-1846 3-20-1847 Uriah rpt for dp & mcd by West River PM he`s now living within the verge of Springfield MM, Ohio, that mtg reg to treat w/him & rpt 8-21-1847 Springfield MM rpt he did not make satisfaction 9-18-1847 Uriah dis for mcd & dp 9-16-1848 Thomas & fam gct Poplar Run MM 12-16-1848 William dis for mcd, na & copying after the vain fashions of the world in dress & address 1-19-1850 Phanuel dis for j ME 12-21-1850 Eleanor dis for j ME 9-15-1855 Edward L presented a cert from Green Plain MM, Ohio, to m Delphina Coffin 9-19-1855 Edward , s Isaiah & Rebecca of Clark Co, O, m Delphina Coffin at Springfield Mtg 8-16-1856 Edward L rocf Green Plain MM, Ohio 9-20-1856 Thomas E Beeson gct Milford MM to m Celia Hunt 6-20-1856 Edward C & fam gct Green Plains MM, Ohio 8-20-1864 Henry Ledbetter gct Poplar Run MM to m Abigail Hunt 10-22-1873 William, s Barnabas & Hannah of Randolph Co, m Milly Parker at Nettle Creek 11-15-1873 Milly gct New Garden MM 3-2-1874 William rec by req 10-20-1883 William gct Portland MM 10-21-1905 Alice Woodard Hunt gct New Garden MM book page 196 Dover Anniel b 12-4-1821 d 10-19-1870 bur Dover Gulia Elma, w b 12-29-1838 d 1-11-185 bur Dover Ch: Elvira b 5-10-1845 Jemima b 10-21-1846 Nathan C b 3-29-1848 Jeremiah b 7-4-1849 d 3-3-1868 bur Dover Oliver H b 1-6-1851 Ida May b 3-19-1858 Mary Ida b 9-21-1859 Horace H b 4-27-1861 Emmor G b 3-9-1863 Harvey Beecher b 6-10-1865 Olive L b 3-26-1868 Harace B 4-27-1861 Laura B, w b 5-20-1861 Ch: Floyd H b 10-28-1888 Paul b 6-23-1891 Oliver H b 1-6-1851 Elizabeth (Haisley), w b 9-13-1852 Ch: Elden J b 5-8-1878

             book page 212

 8-22-1838    Strafford, a minor, rocf New
              Garden MM
12-19-1838    Strafford, a minor, w/ Wm Peacock
              fam gct Back Creek MM
 5-9-1839     Ann, dt Uriah & Rebecca m John 
              Haisley of Wayne Co.Ind, s Joseph & 
              Sarah at Concord MH
10-21-1846    Abigail rocf Chester MM
 9-23-1857    Edwrd & w Judith & dt Barbara
              rocf Wabash MM
 6-23-1858    Gulielma (form Swain) Hinkle Creek
              MM req this mtg to treat for being 
              guilty of unchaste conduct & mcd 
              7-21-1858 treated with satisfaction
              chm Hinkle Creek inf
12-22-1858    Barbara Lane (form Hunt) rpt mcd
              having rem Elk MM req to treat 
              9-20-1859  Elk inf treated w/out 
              satisfaction dis
12-22-1858    Gulielma rocf Hinkles Creek MM
12-23-1858    Edward B & w Judith gct Wabash MM
 7-23-1862    Ameil rec in mbrp
 6-20-1866    Ida May, Mary Ada, & Horace H, 
              ch of Ameil & Guliema, rec in mbrp
 3-20-1867    Judith rocf Wabash MM
 4-24-1867    Eunice Ellen rec in mbrp
12-25-1867    Jeremiah & Jemina rec in mbrp
 2-23-1870    Oliver & Nathan rec in mbrp
 7-20-1870    Elvira rec in mbrp
 5- 4-1872    Martha Ann (form Pitts) con her mcd
 5- 4-1872    Nathan con his mcd
11- 2-1872    Nathan & w Martha Ann gct New 
              Garden MM
 5- 8-1873    Eunice Ellen Bond (form Hunt) con mcd
 5-23-1877    Martha Ann rocf New Garden MM
 2-22-1822    Olive & sister Elvira Cox gc
 2-22-1822    Martha A Love & dt Senora Hunt gct
              New Garden MM
10-22-1884    Mary A gct Mill Creek MM
10-23-1889    Oliver & w Elizabeth & s Eldon gct
              Mill Creek MM
 1-12-1908    Enos gct New Garden MM
 4-21-1909    Helen I (not J) rec in mbrp

               book page 236
               Cherry Grove

Abraham       b 6-1-1784  d 7-9-1851 
              age 67y 1m 9d  bur CG
Sarah         b 8-15-176  d 3-9-1844
              age 57y 6m 24d

Charlie Claude  b 1-16-1879  Henry Co

Logan A   b 6-13-1883 Randolph Co -s Charles
           & Comfort m 9-24-1904

Rhoda A   b 9-17-1882 Randolph Co. -dt John & 
           Sarah (Tharp) Colins
   Ch: Edith Ester  b 12-11-1905
 Leroy   b 5-8-1879 -s William & Rebecca

William W   b 4-6-1845 Wayne Co -s Pleasant & 
             Ann  m 6-24-1865
Catherine  -dt James & Mary Stowhig

               book page 280
               Cherry Grove
 2-13-1822    Ezra rocf Clear Creek MM,O
 2-13-1822    Rebecca rocf Clear Creek MM,O
12-13-1828    Sarah, Center mtg compl for mcd
              5-9-1829 con mcd
11-12-1831    Sarah (form Chamness) Center Mtg 
              compl for att mcd & dp  Dis
 8- 9-1834    Anna, Mary, Martha & Ralph, ch of 
              Thomas, rec in mbrp
 4-11-1835    Abraham, who had been dis by 
              Cane Creek MM, req to be mbr again 
              5-9-1835 rec in mbrp
 5- 9-1835    Sarah rec in mbrp
 6-11-1842    Sarah & dt gct Salem MM, Iowa
 7-13-1844    Abraham compl for na & jasf 
              9-14-1844 Dis
 4- 9-1877    Myrtle rel from mbrp
 3-10-1888    William & w Catherine & ch 
              Lenuel L, Alice L,& Charles
              rocf Poplar Run MM
 1- 9-1892    Daniel L gct Poplar Run MM
 4- 9-1892    William, Martindale mtg, compl 
              for "unbecoming conduct in his
              fam" 6-11-1892 chm
 2-11-1893    Leroy E, Archie L, & Pearl rec
              in mbrp
 4- 8-1893    Lewis & Rhoda L & ch Robbie B &
              Cora E rocf Whitewater MM
 5-13-1893    Charles S & w Comfort E & ch Logan A,
              Charles W, Frederick O, & Elsie E rolf 
              ME CH at Lebanon
 3- 9-1895    Lewis & wife Rhoda & ch Robbie & Cory 
              gct White River MM 
 3-12-1898    Pearl gct Muncie MM
 7- 9-1898    Pearl, Muncie MM ret her cert inf she 
              jMeth Mbrp ceases
11- 9-1901    Archie S req mbrp cease
 3-10-1906    Charles S & w Eunice A & ch 
              Webster Olan & Elsie Edith
              gct Iowa MM, Okla
 3 -9-1912    Logan rec Minister
 5-14-1919    Leroy E drpd from mbrp
 2 -8-1920    Edith rel from mbrp
 6- 1-1932    Logan memorial proposed
              --he was a Minister & Clerk
 4- 8-1933 Bessie gct 1st Friends Ch, Richmond, Ind

                   book page 315
                    White River

Hunt,Ethel   b 10-11-1885 Randolph Co  dt
             John & Sarah
             (Brannon) Pike 

               book page 343
               White River

12- 4- 1824   Rebecca appt to comm
  1- 1-1825   Ezra appt to comm
  5- 6-1826   Ezra & fam gct Milfor MM
  2- 7-1874   Henry Howard, a minor, rec 
              in mbrp
 5- 2-1885    Minnie gct Westland MM
11- 2-1889    Alonzo B & w Cordellia Ellen &
              ch Claude V & Bessie L gct
              Portland MM
 4- 6-1895    Louis & w Rhoda & ch Robbie &
              Cora rocf Cherry Grove MM
 4- 4-1896    Nathan & Lucy rec in mbrp
 9- 5-1903    Volney D & w Rosa & ch Hazel, Irene,                        Ester, Noah H gct Marion MM
 1- 9-1910    Lewis & w Rhoda gct Whitewater MM
 6-14-1910    Volney & w Rosa & ch Hazel, Irene,
              Ester, Noah & Dean Stanley rocf
              South Marion MM

                 book page 386
              Sparrow Creek-Poplar Run

Abner     b 10-24-1848 - s William & Edah (Fulgum)
Elizabeth P, w   b 9-3-1845  (form Clevenger)
   Ch: Francis W      b  9-27-1871
       Clifford L     b  5-5-1875
       Lolie          b 12-26-1877
       Blanche        b -- 20-1881

Barnabas  b 12-22-1798  d 3-15-1874 -s 
       Jonathan & Phebe
Hannah, w  b 2-4-1801  d 12-21-1883  -dt Evan & 
        Sarah Lewis
    Ch:  Pleasant     b 3-15-1820
         William      b 7-22-1822

Calvin L   b 11-26-1871  -s Thoma & Melissa
Anna Lauretta, w   b 3-18-1876  -dt Josiah &
    Sarah Orendorf of Green Co, Ohio
 Ch  Arther Monroe     b 7-4-1894
     Guy Otto          b 2-3-1897
     Russell Elsworth  b 7-26-1899
     Martin Devon      b 11-21-1901
     Albert Clelland   b 7-24-1909
     Sarah Elizabeth   b 3-7-1915
     Howard Malcom     b 2-29-1917

Daniel Lewis  b 1-28-1867 -s Wiliam W & 
         Catherine S 
Elizabeth M, w    b 3-24-1868  -dt William & 
   Rebecca A Wright
  Ch:  Hubert O  b 6-3-1893  (m Wilma F Gilpin)

John F   b 3-9-1853   d 5-24-1881  -s Pleasant &
    Sarah (Fellow)
Sarah E, w  b 8-19-1859  -dt  James &
    Priscilla Johnson
  Ch:  Leona G   b 7-29-1878
       Arthur    b 9-22-1880  d 3-14-1881

John W  b 1-4-1840 (d 1919) -s Thomas & Lydia
Eleanor, 2nd w  b 7-18-1837  -dt Robert &
     Ellen Howell ( Johns 1st w was Martha Howell,
     sister to Eleanor)

Pleasant  b 3-15-1820  -s Barnabas & Hannah
          d 1-15-1892
Ann, w  b 1012-1816  d 1-2-1849
       - dt William & Phebe Williams 
  Ch: Abigail     b 3-27-1842   m Henry B Ledbetter
       Hannah     b 7-12-1843
       William W  b 4-6-1845
       Lewis      b 1-18-1847
       Phebe      b 10-20-1848  d 1-8-1849
Sarah, 2nd w  b 4-28-1825  -dt Price & Rachel Fellow
  Ch: Joseph C   b 8-15-1851  m Rachel Modlin
      John T     b 3-9-1853 d 5-24-1881
      Nathan O   b 10-22-1854
      Infant -s  b & d 5-25-1856   bur Cedar
      Charles E  b 7-15-1857  d 9-25-1858 bur Cedar
      Oliver P   b 3-19-1860  d 9-11-1861 bur Cedar
      Rachel E   b 8-21-1862
      Eunice A   b & d 3-13-1864 bur Cedar
      Martha J   b 10-22-1865  d 4-2-1866 bur Cedar
      Sarah A    b 12-18-1867

Thomas  b 12-2-1797  d 6-4-1869  bur Poplar Run
Mary, w  b 4-1-1802  d 9-5-1879 at Wesley Hunt`s
   bur Nettle Creek
  Ch: Wesley

Lydia, w
  Ch: John W  b  1-14-1840 Wayne Co, Ind
              d 10-31-1913

William  b 7-22-1822  -s Barnabas & Hannah
Edah D, w  b 3-17-1820  -dt Frderick & Piety
  Fulghm  d 3-6-182
  Ch: Abner     b 10-24-1848
      Malvina   b 8-31-1851
      Mildred   b 7-20-1854

William W   b 4-6-1845  -s Pleasant & Ann
Catherine, w  b 2-6-1840  -dt James Stowhig
  Ch: Daniel L     b 1-28-1867
      Alice L      b 10-6-1877
      Charles C    b -- 16-189

                 book page 408
              Sparrow Creek- Poplar Run

 2-17-1848    Edah D rocf New Garden MM
 1-18-1849    Thomas & w Mary & ch Rebecca, Ruth,
              Branson & Wesley rocf Springfield MM
12-19-1850    Sarah (form Fellow) New Garden MM
              req this mtg to treat w/her for jas &
              mcd 1-16-1851 treated w/out satisfaction
              New Garden was inf. New Garden MM inf
              that mtg dis her 4-20-1851
 1-16-1851    Rebecca rpt na & being guilty of
              fornication dis 4-17-1851
 4-13-1854    Ruth Vantress (form Hunt) rpt na, 
              dp, & mcd. Center MM, Ohio, req this 
              mtg to treat w/her
 6-15-1854    Abigail & Hannah, minor ch of Pleasant,
              rocf New Garden MM
 4-19-1855    Rachel (form Wright) rpt mcd dis
 7-19-1855    Pleasant & s William,Lewis,Joseph,
              John & Nathan rq to be rc in mbrp 
              ch rec in mbrp on 8-16-1855. New 
              Garden MM written about Pleasant
 8-16-1855    Sarah rec in mbrp w/con of New
              Garden MM
 9-13-1855    Pleasant rec in mbrp
 8-13-1857    Barnabas rec in mbrp w/con of New 
              Garden MM
 9-16-1858    Branson, Poplar Run PM rpt mcd drpd
              from mbrp
 8-18-1864    Pleasant & fam gct New Garden MM
 9-21-1864    Abigail, Randolph Co,Ind, dt Pleasant
              & Ann (dec) m Henry B Ledbetter of
              Wayne Co, Ind, at Cedar MH
 7-13-1865    William appt Elder
 5-17-1866    John W, Poplar Run dis for na, mcd 
              & "bearing arms of war"
 4-18-1867    Pleasant & w Sarah & ch Lewis, 
              Joseph C, Nathan O, John J & Rachel
              Ellen rocf New Garden MM
 7-15-1869    William W & w Catherine & ch Daniel
              Lewis rocf New Garden MM
 2-16-1871    Abner, Cedar PM rpt mcd ret mbrp
 4-12-1873    William gct New Garden MM
 3-14-1874    Lewis gct Fairmont MM
 3-14-1874    Elizabeth Permelia rec in mbrp
 6-16-1877    Lewis & fam rocf Oak Ridge MM
10-20-1877    William W & fam rq Raysville MM, 
              Henry Co 
 2-16-1878    Catherine & ch gct Raysville MM
 8-17-188     William W rq ct Raysville MM, 9-20-1878
              rpt obstruction on 11-16-1878 obstruction
              still in eay and no chance for removal

                    book page 409
                  Sparrow Creek- Poplar Run

11-19-1881    Catherine S & ch Daniel Lewis, Alice
              Leota & Charlie Claude rocf Raysville MM
 3-19-1822    Joseph F rec in mbrp
 5-20-1822    James F rec in mbrp
 5-24-1884    Louis & fam gct New Garden MM
 9-27-1884    John W & w Eleanor rec in mbrp
 1-24-1885    Sarah Elizabeth & ch gct Farmland MM
 3-24-1888    Thomas M rocf Fairmont MM
 6-23-1888    Pleasant & fam gct Farmland MM
 3-23-1889    John H rec in mbrp
12-27-1890    Thomas glt Meth Ch
 2-27-1892    Daniel rocf Cherry Grove MM
 2-25-1893    Nathan gct Farmland MM
 4-27-1895    John H & w rel from mbrp
 4-24-1897    Asenith Lamb glt Meth Ch, Kansas
11-26-1898    Joseph C & Rachel E drpt from mbrp
11-26-1898    Abner & w Elizabeth & ch Francis W,
              Clifford L, Lola, Blanche & Daisey 
              gct Muncie MM, Ind
 3-22-1902    John H & w rolf Grace Meth Ch
 3-23-1912    John H & w Zellia glt Grace Chapel 
              Meth Ch
 6-23-1917    Lewis rocf Whitewater MM
 3-27-1926    Albert glt Nazerine Ch, Modoc, Indiana
11-27-1926    Calvin & w Ann & ch Sarah Elizabeth
              & Howard rel from mbrp

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